CCGs – QOF & PCN DES Dashboards

We’re excited to be able to inform CCGs about the launch of the QOF & PCN DES Contract Dashboards on Ardens Manager to assist CCGs to monitor & aggregate GP & PCN contractual activity.

QOF 2020/21

Are you aware of the recent NHSE QOF changes which require CCGs to agree on a plan with GP practices to oversee the protected indicators?

This is to ensure practices risk-stratify their QOF population including BAME groups, poorly controlled LTCs & missed reviews. 

Available to SystmOne practices now
Available to EMIS Web practices soon (once EMIS Web release central searches)

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PCN DES 2020/21

With the PCN DES contract starting next month, have you got tools in place to also fulfill CCGs requirement to oversee this activity?

The PCN DES Dashboard on Ardens Manager allows CCGs to monitor PCN activity and benchmark PCNs against each other.

Available to SystmOne and EMIS Web practices now

Find out more how Ardens Manager can assist you with this.

“Ardens Manager has provided a great overview of our PCN’s population and the differences between the practices, both in terms of population and efficiency.” – PCN Manager


The Ardens Manager National Contracts Package includes QOF, PCN DES, SMI Health Checks & NHS Health Checks, and is priced at 10p/patient per year + VAT.

Getting Started

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