PCNs – PCN DES Dashboards

We’re pleased to let PCNs know about the launch of PCN DES Contract Dashboards on Ardens Manager which is now available for PCNs to use.


Ardens supports SystmOne & EMIS Web GP practices with templates to assist the delivery and recording of PCN DES activity as well as reports to monitor activity.

These reports can now be uploaded to Ardens Manager where PCNs can view aggregate PCN data and benchmark their GP practices against each other. 

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“Ardens Manager has provided a great overview of our PCN’s population and the differences between the practices, both in terms of population and efficiency.” – PCN Manager


The Ardens Manager National Contracts Package includes QOF, PCN DES, SMI Health Checks & NHS Health Checks, and is priced at 10p/patient per year + VAT.

Getting Started

If you currently use Ardens Manager, login & follow the screen prompts.
If you don’t currently use Ardens Manager, sign up for our free trial.