Capacity & Access

Following the release of the latest Network Contract DES guidance 2023/24, the Investment and Impact Fund will be mainly focussed on the Capacity and Access Payment (CAP) which is broken down into:

  • National Capacity and Access Support Payment (70% of payment)
    This payment is made unconditionally to PCNs on a monthly basis.

  • Local Capacity and Access Improvement Payment (30% of payment)
    This payment is conditional based on improvement across 3 areas: patient experience of contact, ease of access and demand management, and accuracy of recording in appointment books. The maximum a PCN could earn is £1.185 multiplied by the PCN’s Adjusted Population as of 1 Jan 2023.

Ardens Manager Dashboard

To make it as easy as possible for Primary Care Networks, GP Practices and ICBs to monitor improvements for the Local Capacity and Access Improvement, we have combined the following data sources into an Ardens Manager dashboard. This dashboard is available to Ardens Manager National Contract subscribers.

Patient Experience Data (including FFT + GP Patient Survey data over 5 years)

As part of the Local Capacity & Access Improvement, PCNs must analyse Friends & Family Test data as well as the past 5 years of GP Patient Survey results to create a plan to improve upon this base line.

We have uploaded these two sources of patient experience data onto the Ardens Manager dashboards which can be accessed without any manual upload from the GP Practice, PCN or ICB. PCNs also have the ability to see where their performance compares to ICB and national average trends over time too.

GP Appointment Data (GPAD) (including monitoring wait times)

A large focus of the Capacity and Access improvement is on the accuracy of recording appointments so that activity can be accurately reported on through GPAD.

Ardens Manager dashboard pulls through GP Appointment Data to allow PCNs to track activity, unmapped appointment slots as well as national targets such as the percentage of patients seen within 2 weeks. In this example, users are then able to breakdown results into whether patients were seen on the same day, next day, within 2-7 days, 8-14 days etc.

GP & PCN Workforce Data

Prior to improving on access and appointments within Primary Care, GP Practices and PCNs must understand their available workforce capacity.

Ardens Manager pulls in both GP and PCN workforce data so this can be monitored and benchmark their practices as well as other PCNs and their ICB.

Specifically, PCNs may choose to monitor and benchmark their ARRS workforce per 1,000 registered patients to reduce pressures on GPs and Nurses.

Online Access Activity

Ardens Manager pulls in Patient Online Management Information (POMI) which enables users to monitor how many patients are registered for online access (i.e. NHS app) and also what they use it for.

Monitoring this activity allows PCN to understand how their population are accessing healthcare in order to look for ways to encourage increased usage and reduce burden on the GP Practices.

Recording PCN plans & action

Primary Care Networks can use organisational activity to record action against each stage of the appointment process to create a solid and data driven improvement plan.

1 Month Free Trial

Service Dashboards are currently free of charge whilst uploads are manual.
A charge for these will apply at a later date once automatic uploads are available.

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