COVID-19 Dashboard

Using Ardens reports built on SystmOne and EMIS Web, practices can now upload COVID-19 data onto Ardens Manager where activity can be visualised and safety alerts can be assigned to team members at GP Practice, PCN and CCG level.

This will help ensure that your patients, and especially your high risk patients, are managed as effectively as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

✓ Benchmarking
Practices can benchmark this data to analyse performance levels in comparison to other practices across a PCN or CCG.

✓ Tasking
Organisations can assign safety alerts to staff to monitor progress and ensure work gets done.

✓ Registers
Easily view the number of COVID-19 diagnoses or suspected cases at your organisation or across your PCN or CCG.

✓ Activity
Visualise the number of COVID-19 related activities that have occurred at your organisation during the pandemic, from consultations to outcomes and also including paediatric remote risk assessments too.

✓ Safety Alerts
For patients at high risk of COVID-19 complications, ensure that they have all received the appropriate self-isolation shielding letter so that they know what to do to protect themselves.

✓ Case Finders
Identify missing patients who may have severe frailty or may be on the end of life register who are not coded correctly. By accurately coding these patients, you can then ensure that they receive the care that they require.

✓ Performance Indicators
Ensure specific patient cohorts have appropriate proactive future care planning, for example patients at high risk of COVID-19, care home residents, end of life patients, and those with severe frailty. This will ensure patients have items like a care plan or consent for a Summary Care Record with Additional Information recorded.

These resources also enable effective communication and handover of care with other health care professionals should they require assessment and treatment in a different setting during the pandemic.