Localised Contract Management

We have observed the complexities surrounding contract management. These complexities can cause many issues for all parties involved. Ardens Manager Local Contracts simplifies the process. It acts as one platform to bridge the gap between ICBs, PCNs and GP Practices, allowing contracts to effectively and efficiently drive best practice. This means that Ardens is now the first true end-to-end solution for Primary Care commissioning.

Specifications, business rules & codesets – FREE for Ardens Plus + Pro

As part of Ardens Plus and Pro, we are now offering to host your LCS specifications, indicators, business rules & codesets on Ardens Manager for FREE. This means you can provide your practices with a comprehensive and interactive library that they can refer to if they have any queries on either payment or audit reports or codes. From our experience, having this level of transparency and simplicity not only decreases the number of queries the ICB contracting team receive but also means that more focus can be spent on delivering care. As an example of just the business rules & codesets, see what we have done for CQC nationally.

If you would like to activate this for your area for free, please contact us.

Contract management, data submissions + payment – Request quote

If you are using Ardens Plus & Pro currently, then your practices will already be using our clinical templates on EMIS Web and SystmOne to record LCS activity, along with our clinical reports to track LCS activity. Why not therefore use Ardens Manager to allow you to benefit from the complete end-to-end LCS solution that we offer. This includes data submissions, electronic signatures, self-declarations and monitoring of automatic payment calculations.

For further information and to request a quote, please contact us.

1. Draft

Work collaboratively with colleagues to draft specifications complete with version history. Specify submission frequency and payment mechanism. Select the indicators you wish to monitor from our comprehensive library of reports. Commissioners can also predict performance and expenditure using historic practice data.

2. Review

Submit your contract to the review stage so providers can ask questions about services they are being asked to provide and avoid multiple back-and-forth emails.

3. Sign

Replace printing and scanning with electronic signatures inline with your contract. Contract providers can also choose to opt-in and out of services here.

4. Monitor Activity

Practices can seamlessly upload and submit their data onto Ardens Manager enabling them to monitor and visualise their performance. Providers can assign reports to staff members and ensure work gets done.

Commissioners can monitor aggregated data and also benchmark provider activity throughout the duration of the contract.

5. Track Payments

Uploads can be submitted to the Commissioner for approval. Once approved, both the Commissioner and Providers can monitor when the payment has been made and reconciled.