Ardens Manager Meetings allows practices and teams to effectively organise and manage meetings; from creating a meeting to drafting an agenda to recording a meeting to meeting remotely using integrated video conferencing.

The meetings module on Ardens Manager is available for free for all Ardens users.

Already using Ardens Manager? Watch walkthrough

    1. Create a Meeting

    Creating a meeting is simple on Ardens Manager, just click add meeting and then add your meeting name, choose your date and time and select the attendees. These attendees will all be sent an email about the meeting, along with a link to add it to their calendar. You can invite guests to the meeting as well.

  • 2. Draft an Agenda

    An agenda is critical for the success of any meeting. Drafting an agenda is simple, just add agenda items along with links and attachments. When you record the planned duration of each agenda, Ardens Manager will automatically add the times together. You can also easily change the order of the agenda items just by dragging them up or down. The times will then be automatically re-calculated too.

  • 3. Record a Meeting

    During the meeting, the minutes and any decisions can be quickly recorded alongside each agenda item. You will soon also be able to add actions, view previous entries for each individual agenda item and approve previous minutes.

  • 4. Video Conferencing

    Ardens Manager Meetings also include fully integrated video conferencing. This doesn’t require any additional programme and can be just run on Google Chrome. By clicking ‘Start Meeting’ a virtual meeting room is created and all the attendees are sent a web link by email and text, along with a PIN number to enter the meeting room. During the meeting, screensharing is also possible.