Network Contract DES

The Network Contract DES (previously known as the PCN DES) dashboard on Ardens Manager is available to National Contract Subscribers.

It includes areas for:

What can GP practices, PCNs and ICBs see?

As a GP practice and PCN

As GP practices are delivering the Network Contract DES on behalf of their PCN, data can be view at two levels on Ardens Manager.

Aggregate PCN level activity will be visible as well as GP practice level activity. Benchmarking between GP practices will also be possible to compare activity across your PCN.

As a ICB

As the Network Contract DES is a national contract, ICBs are effectively a delegated authority to monitor PCN activity on behalf of NHS England.

This means that only PCN aggregate data will be visible and individual GP practice level data will be hidden. ICBs will however be able to benchmark their various PCNs against each other.

1 Month Free Trial

Service Dashboards are currently free of charge whilst uploads are manual.
A charge for these will apply at a later date once automatic uploads are available.

You can also try our National Contracts on Ardens Manager for 1 month for free.