PCN DES 2020/21

Available for SystmOne & for EMIS Web now!

Ardens Manager has been updated for the PCN DES 2020/21 to assist GP practices, PCNs & CCGs both deliver and monitor contractual activity. Please note that as NHSE has not published any technical specification and business rules for the PCN DES yet, the indicators on Ardens Manager have been selected based upon the experience and judgement of the Ardens Clinical Specialist Team. When NHSE publish the business rules, these indicators will also be added.

  • Early Cancer Diagnosis – Review safety netting, 2ww referrals and diagnosis rates across your practice and PCNs. The screening reports also broken down to help identify and target at risk groups, including BAME, registered blind, non-English speaking, learning disabilities, LGBT and safeguarding patient groups.)
  • Enhanced Health in Care Homes – Track the number of MDT meetings occuring and ensure your care home and that these residents have an up-to-date future care plan including DNACPR, SCR-AI and TEP, as well as routine reviews including mood, memory and nutrition assessments.
  • Structured Medication Reviews – Monitor SMRs delivered by your clinical pharmacists and clinicians to the at risk groups. The dashboard also highlights specific SMR activities, including polypharmacy reviews, drug optimisation and compliance checks.
  • Investment & Impact Fund – Keep up-to-date with social prescribing and drug safety issues, including gastroprotection for at risk patients on dual therapy, NSAIDs, anti-platelets and anti-coagulants.

What can GP practices, PCNs and CCGs see?

As a GP practice and PCN

As GP practices are delivering the PCN DES on behalf of their PCN, two levels

Aggregate PCN level activity will be visible as well as GP practice level activity. Benchmarking between GP practices will also be possible to compare activity across your PCN.

As a CCG

As the PCN DES is a national contract, CCGs are effectively a delegated authority to monitor PCN activity on behalf of NHS England.

This means that only PCN aggregate data will be visible and individual GP practice level data will be hidden. CCGs will however be able to benchmark their various PCNs against each other.

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Service Dashboards are currently free of charge whilst uploads are manual.
A charge for these will apply at a later date once automatic uploads are available.

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