SMI Health Checks

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Ardens Manager includes the Serious Mental Illness Heath Checks as per the NHS contract to assist CCGs deliver care appropriately.

  • Physical Health Check – All 6 components can be monitored quarterly, including BMI, BP, QRISK2, HbA1c, physical activity and medication reviews.
  • Interventions – Ensure that interventions are offered and made appropriately for anything from high blood pressure to alcohol and smoking advice.
  • Screening – Review uptake of the national screening programmes including bowel, breast and cervical cancer screening. This will help identify areas that can be targeted to assist an increased uptake where possible.

What can GP practices and CCGs see?

As a GP practice

GP practices will be able to view activity across their practice for each quarter.

As a CCG

CCGs can view individual practice activity as well as being able to benchmark practices against each other.

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Service Dashboards are currently free of charge whilst uploads are manual.
A charge for these will apply at a later date once automatic uploads are available.

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