QOF Dashboard

The QOF Dashboard includes the following components:

  • QOF Monitoring Reports – Track and progress your achievement over the course of the year to ensure your practice reaches the maximum threshold for points and income. Practices can also assign different indicators to specific staff members to ensure that this work is completed. This is provided for FREE for all GP practices who currently use Ardens Starter, Plus or Pro.
  • QOF Case Finders Reports – Identify patients who may not have had a diagnosis coded correctly. For example, a patient who is on insulin but has not been coded as diabetic. By coding these patients correctly, it will ensure that they not only received appropriate care but will also increase your disease prevalence and subsequently increase the amount of money you receive per QOF point. These reports have previously been known as our ‘QOF Health Check’ and ‘Data Validation’ reports. A charge applies for this component of the dashboard.

Please note that we will be updating the dashboard to include the new indicators once the business rules have been released.

What can GP practices, PCNs and Federations and CCGs see?

As a GP practice

Individual indicators & case finders will be visible on the Ardens Manager QOF Dashboard.

These will show activity in patients, points and monetary context on both the data tab and the report tab.

As a PCN, Federation or CCG

Once you have a datasharing agreement in place with your practices on Ardens Manager, you can also aggregate and benchmark QOF indicator and case finder missed income at PCN, Federation or CCG level.

Please note that you must be signed up to the National Contracts Subscription to share QOF data.

Sign Up

To access the free QOF Monitor Dashboard or trial the National Contracts Subscription, please sign up and a member of the team will be in touch with your access details.